First, doesn’t the world look better after an away win with a clean sheet!

We’d also like to welcome Kevin Phillips to the club and wish him luck in his new job. We can guarantee that whatever happens off the pitch him and the players will have the full backing of the fans.

Speaking on matters off the pitch, we would like to confirm several points made by the club in their statement last night. There are ongoing negotiations and, as we have throughout the process, we’re working hard to reach a conclusion that works for all parties as swiftly as possible. Since the consortium was formed we’ve met every deadline and are hopeful about reaching an agreement on the club’s future in the coming days. We have an offer on the table and remain open to discussions with the club at any time.

Some supporters have asked about the identity of the consortium members and whether they have the combined financial strength to take the club forward. We can assure you that they have. All are successful in their field – areas of expertise include bio-fuels, training provision, soccer schools and fitness facilities, sport and investment in distressed companies.

We’re convinced that we have a group which is capable of creating a community club that the town, and every supporter, can feel proud of and be part of. It is time for our club to rise and we’re hoping that rise can start soon.

All the best

The Board of HUST