Saturday 9th March, 2019, 19:00
Catholic Club, Marlowe Road, Hartlepool

At our recent reunion of the ’93 squad that conquered Crystal Palace in the FA Cup, one of the squad members – Lenny Johnrose – was unable to attend. Recently we found out why, and this was due to Lenny very sadly being diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).

Despite now living across the country the lads from the squad remain close, and they have been in touch with HUST to ask us to help them to organise another get together for the squad and their families to allow them show their support to one of their team mates. They would welcome the involvement of any fans of Hartlepool United, and those whose loved ones may have been affected by MND to come together to raise some money for this cause. While HUST is helping to facilitate this event all proceeds from the evening will be donated by the lads to the Len Johnrose Trust and a local MND charity.

Tickets are £10 in advance including pie and peas, and there will be entertainment with a Race Night as well as a comedian.  You can get your tickets from:

Andy Wilson, 07760 886715

Ticket office at Hartlepool United Football Club

The Floral Factor, Murray Street

Or  by contacting HUST by all the usual means

Fancy yourself as a footballer?  Fancy playing a 60 minute 7-a-side match vs. a team of ex-Pools pros?  For £50, including a ticket to the evening event, you can join the 10 man fans squad.

Interested?  Get in touch.

The Legend’s strip ready for the Legends vs. Fans 7-a-side match.
Thank you to Motif8 for donating and sponsoring the kit.