Hello to all Poolie Supporters,

I’m Michael Gough (Junior) and I took on the role of Honorary President of HUST at Christmas.

I’ve been a member of HUST since the start along with all of my family, and I think that since HUST was formed they’ve played a massive supporting role in the future of our club. A lot of that work goes unseen as well.

We all owe Raj Singh along with Jeff Stelling for saving Pools three years ago, when no-one else would touch the club. It was heartbreaking the way we nearly folded and lost well over 100+ years of our history. I’ve always felt that no matter what is thrown at our club though, we’ve got survival in our DNA!

The club has challenges ahead but nothing we can’t get over by sticking together as fans. If you are not a member of HUST please join up and get behind us, as you can join for a very small annual contribution. The Board of HUST work extremely hard and I’m really impressed with what they are doing, helping the club to progress with stuff like volunteering and community involvement, supporting the youth team, as well as fundraising.

Dave Chally is doing a great job and he’s been like a breath of fresh air since his arrival, supported by his backroom staff and all the players are doing us proud. Got to mention our conditioning coach Jake Simpson as well, who has helped make us the fittest team in the league.

Hope everyone is keeping well despite the current situation and looking forward to getting back to a bouncing Vic. I have a massive passion for pools and live and breath the club, so can’t wait.


Michael Gough (Junior)