The first HUST Lottery Draw was back in April 2018 and in the six years since this important fundraising initiative has raised over £30,000 for HUST’s investment fund, and has paid out a similar amount in cash prizes to many lucky winners.  This is only possible with the support of everyone who has bought and continues to buy tickets for the draw.  Thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported us, and to everyone with tickets … good luck!

Congratulations to all of the April HUST monthly draw winners with the draw made live from the Corner Flag and on video on HUST’s Facebook group by Stephen Smith and Richard on Friday 26th of April at 20:00.

£300 – 941 Anth Hart
£100 – 511 Keith Lutton
£10 – 783 John Beetham
£10 – 632 M Menzies
£10 – 968 Mark Reeve
£10 – 765 Keith Taylor
£10 – 290 Dave Stephenson

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw.

Want to support HUST via the monthly draw? You can do so from just £1 per month with a chance to win a top prize of £300 in cash.  Find out all you need to know here.