Former Chairman, saviour of the club, and lifelong Hartlepool United fan Harold Hornsey passed away 20 years ago today. For those who were around in 1994, we’ll always remember what he did for the club he was so passionate about. For newer and older fans alike we revisit his legacy here. The words were first published the day after his death and written by the fan only known as Albatross for the Box of Kippers website, and remain as relevant today as then. 

In this interview we speak with HUST sponsored Hartlepool United Women’s Football Club player Faye Garside about how the team is going, how she got into playing, the progress of the national and grass roots game and even find out some unexpected facts! 

We bumped into Dan Kemp’s dad a few weeks ago at the Tranmere match and got talking to him about how Dan was settling in, his thoughts on the club, town and more. One thing led to another and before you know it, here we are with an exclusive Q&A with Dan himself, who has become a real fan favourite! 

One in four people experience mental health issues at some point and suicide has become the UK’s biggest killer of young men. It’s widely believed that a tendency to ‘bottle things up’ makes men very vulnerable. Again and again, we hear that there was no sign of what was coming and that the person who took their own life hadn’t given anybody any idea about how they were feeling. This is where Andy’s Man Club comes in.

Beating Crystal Palace in 1993 saw Pools become the first lower division club to knock a Premier League side out of the FA Cup. The ‘unquestionable penalty’ and ‘not particularly cold for Hartlepool’ weather are now the stuff of legend. Three players from that game give us the full story!

Following our AGM in late December 2021, we are now able and happy to confirm our board for 2022, including newly defined roles, new chair person and an additional board member.