Merry Christmas and congratulations to the winners of the December 2020 HUST Lottery draw.  Due to Christmas Day being the last Friday of the month the draw was made by Richard Ward in his living room one day later than usual on Saturday 26th December 2020 at 19:00, following on from that fantastic home result earlier in the day.

Dare to dream that we might be back in the Corner Flag next month for the first draw of the new year … but if not we’ll come to you live from somewhere!

£300 269 Ron Harnish
£100 345 Ron Harnish
£10 636 George Atkinson
£10 600 Barry Davies
£10 252 Michael Ward
£10 802 John Wall
£10 760 Caroline Meredith

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the draw and a very Merry Christmas from all at HUST.

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