This page sets out the historical background to the 2018 Fighting Fund Campaign, the balance of which remains ringfenced for its original purpose – to protect the long term future of the club – and will remain so until such future time as HUST members pass a resolution to re-purpose the fund.  The page below details the information made available at that time and was accompanied by a list of FAQs for consideration by those who donated.



 Fund Purpose : To protect the future of Hartlepool United Football Club.  

Having a Fighting Fund gives us a better platform to work towards the survival of our football club, allowing us to respond to the various scenarios that might develop. The plans for the Fund will need to remain fluid as there are so many uncertainties over current and future ownership (you can read more about these in the FAQs).  

Background : The club was founded in 1908 and has never been in a more unstable position, both on and off the pitch. On the 11th January 2018 those currently managing the club released a statement asking potential new owners to come forward, and finally admitted that Administration is now a real possibility.  

Two individuals were jailed last year for fraud in connection with their attempted purchase of the club in 2014. Of the three owners during the past four years, one allegedly ran up a million pounds of debt while leading the club out of the Football League for the first time in our history. The director of that owner, who was a former bankrupt, immediately declared himself bankrupt again after the club was passed on the club to the current owners. They have now said they cannot provide further funding just six months after taking over, and with the debt continuing to rise.  

None of this is the fault of the fans, and their hard work has already seen a huge rise in awareness of the club’s plight. Through cash donations and the increased attendance by football supporters locally and up and down the country, we hope that the club has been given a lifeline for a few more weeks. This will only be a short-term fix but might make the difference whilst the bigger issues of sustainability are identified and resolved, and new investment sought.  

The Trust must plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  

The Future : In December 2017 the Hartlepool United Supporters Trust members voted to commence fundraising activities to build a fund to safeguard the long-term survival of the football. The potential uses of the fund need to be fluid with so many uncertainties and scenarios. 

It could help sustain the club until the end of the season, buying us time to pave the way for a community share offer and/or to find partners who are willing to invest with us. It could provide us with the money we need to take the club out of administration, or even worse reform the club.  

We won’t commit this money until we have confidence that its use will result in a sustainable future for our club with direct fan involvement. With the backing of former players and managers, we desperately need your help. We might not have a successful history or a glamourous reputation, but we’re a much loved and well-supported community club. We want to help create a sustainable and successful football club for our community, and to our supporters Hartlepool United is everything – and without Hartlepool United Football Club, Soccer Saturday will never be the same again.  

Please donate to build a fighting fund for the long-term survival of Hartlepool United FC.  All donations will be held in a ring fenced bank account and only used for this purpose.  

You can donate in person at the Corner Flag on match days and directly by bank transfer to the following account:  

Hartlepool Supporters Society Limited 

Co-operative Bank 

Account Number – 65782787 

Sort Code – 08-92-99  

You can also donate by cheque made payable to ‘Hartlepool United Supporters Trust’ and sent to Hartlepool United Supporters Trust, c/o 52 Bilsdale Road, Hartlepool, TS25 2AH, or handed in at the Corner Flag.