After a few meetings, from an initiative led by HUST, we are delighted to announce that, with the fantastic backing of both the South East Poolies and the Supporters Association at the Corner Flag, the HUFC youth team have been fully sponsored in both training kit and playing strip. As you may be aware, the club have been reviewing the youth team set-up, and we are pleased that things are heading in a positive direction, thanks to a re shuffle of the set up with Hartlepool College of Further Education. After meeting up with Shaun Hope (Assistant Principal) Ian McGuckin and Ian Clark, the team will be operating out of Hartlepool College of Further Education, playing in the Association of Colleges League. This move has the full backing of Dave Challinor and his staff who will be working closely with the two Ians. From these meetings, the youth team looks to have a more sound footing both structurally and financially, giving them a much stronger future, which will hopefully lead to bringing players through the ranks into the first team squad.

Both the Supporters Association and the South East Poolies will continue to look to support the youth team financially through the coming season as HUST look to secure an equity investment proposal with Mr Singh.

HUST have used money raised for the youth team that was carried forward from the successful ‘legends day’ last October, and the board have decided on this approach rather than sponsoring a first team players shirt this season as we have done in previous years.

Many thanks go out to all those who contributed to this outcome.

Ron Harnish. (Acting Chair)