HUST and the Supporters’ Association are pleased to announce that following positive and constructive discussions, both organisations have agreed a working relationship that focuses on closer, more effective ties to benefit the Football Club.

Whilst the key objectives of the two organisations are different, we do have a recent history of working closely together and share many members. Some joint initiatives include:

  • Working to ensure Victoria Park is defined as an ‘asset of community value’;
  • Working together alongside the South-East Poolies to sponsor the HUFC Youth Team over the 20/21 season;
  • Both groups have fundraised for the Community Sports Foundation and will continue to do so;
  • HUST utilise the Corner Flag as a base for board meetings and fundraising activities, as well as a yearly food bank collection;
  • Recently HUST coordinated volunteers to help at the Vic, with members of the Supporters’ Association stepping up as part of this;
  • The recent link up for The Player of the Year Awards, for which the Supporters’ Association have a long association.

The key areas that the two organisations will work together are:

  • On community initiatives, utilising the Corner Flag as a base, with the aim of supporting the Club in becoming increasingly central to our community and to promote a wider, more diverse fanbase;
  • To support each other’s fundraising events that will benefit HUST’s long-term funds, the Community Sports Foundation and the HUFC Youth team;
  • To promote each other’s individual aims, objectives and events, identifying opportunities for cross-member benefits.

It is important to note that the two organisations will remain as separate entities, retaining their own existing funds and membership. However both Boards believe that the link-up provides a great opportunity to enhance the work each established group already do. We recognise that although two organisations may have different core objectives, they can work side by side for the benefit of all members, the Football Club and the wider fanbase. 

Both organisations of course welcome further feedback, ideas and questions from members. You can do this by contacting Pauline McSweenie from the Supporters Association at or HUST via

And finally… 

The HUFC Supporters’ Association – did you know? 

  • The Supporters Association was formed in 1986 and the Corner Flag was built in 1993 using money raised by fans and a loan from Camerons Brewery. It was built by supporters for supporters.
  • The Supporters Association have arranged away travel for 20+ years and members can benefit with reduced costs to travel.
  • The Corner Flag is run and maintained on a voluntary basis.
  • The AGM publishes audited accounts that members can view.
  • Over the years the Football Club has gained a positive name with away fans for the warm welcome they receive (not to mention cheap beers and lagers) at the Corner Flag.
  • The Corner Flag has both a Pool team and a lady’s dart team.
  • Hartlepool Male Voice Choir use the upstairs room at the Corner Flag for rehearsals on a Friday, and increase to Monday/Friday nearer Christmas.
  • Membership is just £5 a year, running August – July.