HUST and Pools were delighted to welcome local LGBT+ charity Hart Gables to the Suit Direct Stadium for the game against Swindon.

Having previously linked up with the group for past Rainbow Laces campaigns, we were pleased to see the club supporting a presentation of a signed rainbow captain’s armband by current Pools skipper Nicky Featherstone.

Sarah Lewis, representing Hart Gables said:

We are extremely proud that our local supporters’ trust take part in the Rainbow Laces campaign, which gives the message that football should be inclusive to everyone. While HUST have supported this consistently each year, they also go the extra mile by supporting local, LGBTQ+ people who may have fears about attending the match. 
Last season HUST invited a group of our service users to a Hartlepool United match. This was the first time for many of them attending a game for a very long time due to poor mental health, disability and/or fear that they may be a victim of a hate incident. This support from HUST helped our service users feel less anxious about attending matches in future but most importantly, it demonstrated to us as a service that our local club don’t only focus on raising awareness around inclusion in sport, they also strive to support vulnerable people directly and actively make an impact on their lives’.

We are delighted that the initiative is having a real impact for local people, also benefiting the club at the same time. Thanks again to Pools for continuing to support the initiative, including Nicky Featherstone presenting the armband, and their commitment to promoting and celebrating diversity in our local community.