As part of HUST’s key aims of promoting Hartlepool United as a community centric Football Club, we help Pools celebrate and promote the diversity of our wider community. We believe it is important that the Football Club encourages an inclusive culture that allows all supporters to feel a sense of belonging regardless of background or characteristics. 

As part of this diversity charter, HUST are committed to these aims under the following principals:

  • We will help supporters and potential supporters of Hartlepool United overcome any barriers of attending football games through engagement with local community groups to understand why such barriers may exist and work on pro-active measures to overcome these, including helping to demonstrate a culture of respect, openness and friendliness from our wider fanbase.
  • We will help develop and promote the Suit Direct Stadium as a safe and friendly environment to watch football matches and pro-actively support the Club with any anti-discrimination practices, events and educational activities.
  • We will strive towards ensuring that the fanbase of Hartlepool United proportionately represents the diversity of the wider community by helping increase representation of under-represented groups at football matches.

We will continue to update and promote any relevant diversity events through a new section of our website, found on the menu at the top of this page.