Huge thanks to Mike Hill, MP for Hartlepool, for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with HUST Community Officer Mark Goodman this weekend.  HUST member Mike was no doubt happy to enjoy some Brexit free discussions with Mark as he welcomed updates on HUST’s progress, the improvements within HUFC and the first community projects in which we have been involved.  Mark and Mike took the opportunity to discuss how HUST would like to deliver more of its community benefit aims, with Mike making some recommendations on potential project areas requiring support and funding options to access. 

As an FCA regulated community benefit society HUST looks to support community project areas and has previously donated money to Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation, has provided volunteers at St Aidan’s Church soup kitchen, and has raised money and donations towards Hartlepool’s Food Bank.  Supporting community activities is independent of the financial reserve fund for investment in HUFC, and as well as targeted fundraising HUST hopes to further draw on volunteers supportive of the society’s aims.

In addition, Mike raised some interesting points regarding our Corporate Membership options, and we will provide him more information on why companies may wish to get involved with HUST.