Following the rightful and understandable backlash against the proposed so called European ‘Super-League’ earlier this week, Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, announced the launch of the fan-led review of football governance.

Although the concerns raised were against the ‘Big 6’ teams of the EPL, it has been evident that this has also led to a wider focus of supporters at all levels and the roles that they play, as well as how the sport should be regulated.

The review will:

  • Consider the multiple Owners’ and Directors’ Tests and whether they are fit for purpose, including the addition of further criteria;
  • Assess calls for the creation of a single, independent football regulator to oversee the sport’s regulations and compliance, and its relationship with the regulatory powers of The FA and other football bodies;
  • Examine the effectiveness of measures to improve club engagement with supporters, such as structured dialogue, that were introduced on the back of the Expert Working Group;
  • Investigate ways league administrators could better scrutinise clubs’ finances on a regular basis;
  • Examine the flow of money through the football pyramid, including solidarity and parachute payments, and broadcasting revenue;
  • Explore governance structures in other countries, including ownership models, and whether any aspects could be beneficially translated to the English league system;
  • Look at interventions to protect club identity, including geographical location and historical features (e.g. club badges);
  • Examine the relationship between club interests, league systems and their place within the overall football pyramid.

While we all, of course, remain supportive of Mr Singh as the owner of HUFC, as an organisation that exists to represent the views of supporters and help promote communication between the Club and fans, HUST welcome this review as a positive step forward for stronger fan engagement and representation across all levels of professional football.

As a legally established and democratically run Supporters’ Trust, HUST is a member of the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) which will have a key role within this review. Although there is a long way to go, as the FSA are directly involved in shaping the government proposals, Supporters’ Trusts across the country will likely have a key part to play in any future regulations.

At HUST we believe in having one, united voice. As the recognised Supporters’ Trust it is important that we maintain and develop our membership numbers as much as possible to be in the strongest possible position to make fans voices heard. In the meantime we will continue to work with the club on a practical level, including continued informal fan engagement.

This week has shown what fans can do when they come together. Join us here to give HUFC supporters a stronger voice.