Congratulations to all of the July HUST monthly draw winners with the draw made live from the Corner Flag and on Facebook Live by Richard Ward with Audrey Macdonald on camera duty on Friday 28th of July at 19:00(ish).  Not only did we get to do the draw live from the Flag, but this month was perfectly timed to our penultimate pre-season friendly vs Harrogate Town.  The new season is almost upon us!

£300 – 947 Geoff Newton
£100 – 557 Julia Newton
£10 – 720 Phil Dunn
£10 – 58 Phil Larter
£10 – 347 Ron Harnish
£10 – 965 Michael Garthwaite
£10 – 816 Peter Rowbotham

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw.

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