Last month we were back live in the Corner Flag …. this month we are back in the Football League!!! What an amazing season, finally back to where we belong.

Congratulations to all of the June HUST monthly draw winners, drawn in the Corner Flag and on Facebook Live.  The draw was made by Richard Ward on Friday 25th of June at 19:00. Congratulations to all of our winners.  

£300 542 John Cooke
£100 688 Adam Williams
£10 145 Geoff Newton
£10 190 Nick McNaughton
£10 761 Kevin Taylor
£10 918 Rob Weir
£10 660 Mike Waggott
£30 13 Apparel Voucher 507 Joe Hook

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the draw and our prize donors.

Want to support HUST via the monthly draw? Find out all you need to know here.