With usual draw master Richard away on his Easter jollies the dubious honour of the March 2024 draw fell to HUST Member and regular ticket puller Stephen Smith – thanks to Stephen for stepping in.

Congratulations to all of the March HUST monthly draw winners with the draw made live from the Corner Flag and on video on HUST’s Facebook group by Stephen Smith and Neil Appleyard on Friday 29th of March at 19:00.

£300 – 59 Phil Larter
£100 – 178 Kevin Moore
£10 – 939 Ian Reay
£10 – 129 Graham Lister
£10 – 218 Paul Harnish
£10 – 852 Lucy Sewell
£10 – 557 Julia Newton

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw.

Want to support HUST via the monthly draw? You can do so from just £1 per month with a chance to win a top prize of £300 in cash.  Find out all you need to know here.