HUST is a democratic organisation allowing any fan to stand for election to our board, ensuring a wide range of views are taken account of. The make up of the board usually develops each year, as new faces are incorporated and others step down when life away from Pools rightly needs to take precedent. 

We are lucky to have a range of skills amongst the current team, as we pursue our goal of meaningful fan representation at the Club. We strongly believe that clubs are more sustainable when the fanbase is properly engaged. 

The current board was approved by members at our recent AGM in December 2023 and you can read much more about each of our board members here or at the ‘About Us’ tab on the menu above.

Our current board members are: 

  • Julia Newton – Chairperson
  • Alastair Shepherd – Vice-chair / Communications
  • Tom Atkinson – Secretary
  • Ed Parkinson – Community Engagement / Communications
  • Michael Weir – Diversity and People 
  • Mark Reeve – Membership Secretary 
  • Jo Grylls – Community Engagement
  • Stephen Poxon – Community Engagement and Content Provider

We are able to co-opt a number of others to the board, where specialist skills are needed. Currently Richard Ward is co-opted to the board to provide financial oversight, to engage with the Financial Services Authority to whom we are accountable and to run our monthly lottery. 

Last but certainly not least, we are also lucky to have Craig Hignett as our Honorary President, who has extensive experience to draw from. 

If you have any questions about the board, elections, our constitution, purpose or any other matter, please do get in touch.