Interested in Becoming a Member?

Membership gains you one vote within the Trust which is the same as any other member irrespective of investment.  As a member you will be entitled to vote on any issues put before the membership, attend and raise resolutions for the annual general meeting, and stand for a position on the HUST Board.  A Supporters Trust acts as an organisation to promote and facilitate fan involvement and influence of their respective club, and as a fan run and fan representation body HUST acts not only as a coordinated voice for the members, but can facilitate community investment in HUFC and provide a backstop should the worst ever happen to our club.  The following applies to HUST:

  • Nationally recognised, Football Supporters’ Association affiliated organisation
  • Government and Football Association backed
  • Regulated by the financial conduct authority
  • Democratically run by volunteer members for members according to the HUST constitution

Membership Costs

Adult membership (16 – 60): £20 x 1-year registration, then £10 a year

Junior membership (under 16): £1 x 1-year registration, then £1 a year

Over 60’s membership: £15 x 1-year registration, then £5 a year

Lifetime membership: £100 one off payment, any age, any time.

Additionally, you will be entitled to attend the AGM, vote in any elections for the Trust’s board of Directors, or put yourself forward for a position on the Board of the Trust.

Junior members are members of HUST but cannot legally be shareholders of the society, the legal entity of the Trust, until they are 16. They can attend the AGM but cannot vote.  This is an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) rule by which the Trust must abide.

Corporate Membership : £150 year one- then £100 per year thereafter and you can find out what corporate membership involves here.  Please contact HUST to discuss Corporate Membership.

HUST Membership Form 2020

Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of your membership share certificate.