HUST are delighted that Falconer Chester Hall have joined us as our latest corporate member.

FCH are a top 100 architectural firm, working on residential, hotel and commercial schemes in communities around the country. They are passionate about improving the built environment though community engagement.

Alastair Shepherd is a director there, has been a Pools fan for over 35 years and is a member of HUST. On getting involved as a corporate member he says “We have offices around the country and staff supporting teams at all levels of the football pyramid. We often have conversations about the importance of football clubs to their communities and discuss worries about survival, about how clubs can just disappear. To counter that fan representation is essential in my view.”

Fans and local businesses who work in partnership repeatedly leads to more sustainable clubs and I know HUST is keen to develop further links with businesses. FCH are proud to support our fantastic club and would encourage others to do likewise. HUST care deeply about our club and gives a vital voice to fans, while also supporting local community initiatives.”

You can read more about Falconer Chester Hall here.

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