This year has started with a full board of ten elected board members, following the first ever vote for Board Membership.

To understand more about each Board Member and their roles, please visit our team page here. Joining our Board members is Michael Gough Jnr who we are delighted has taken on the role of Honorary President.

So what next? 2021 brings HUST some renewed focus and objectives, with the numbers on the HUST Board giving ourselves a great opportunity to grow further.

We have already started discussing an expansion of our business connections, community initiatives post lockdown and ways in which we can better help the club, as well as encouraging the club to restart regular dialogue with fans. We are also focussing on an expansion of our lottery to boast funds.

2020 and it’s restrictions have been frustrating for all but he’s hoping for a much better 2021, with Pools continuing to push for promotion.