We might be back in Lockdown but we push on regardless … Congratulations to the winners of the November 2020 HUST Lottery draw.  Due to the covid restrictions limiting our movement the draw was made by Richard Ward in his living room on 27th November 2020 at 19:00.

Due to Christmas next month’s draw will be held one day later than usual, on the last Saturday of the month which is Boxing Day, 26th of December.  If we’re very lucky we might be at the Corner Flag following our Boxing Day fixture vs. FC Halifax Town.  So cross your fingers (but don’t hold your breath!!).

£300 167 Maureen Smith
£100 664 Martin Johnson
£10 364 Jim Murray
£10 857 Eddie Kyle
£10 97 Paul Magson
£10 96 Paul Magson
£10 233 Julie Ratcliffe

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the draw and to all those who signed up during November.

Want to join the party? Find out all you need to know here.