Congratulations to all of the November HUST monthly draw winners, drawn in the Corner Flag and on Facebook Live by Mick Waller and Richard Ward on Friday 26th of November at 19:00.

£300 604 John Raftery
£100 73 Colin Grylls
£10 247 Mick Long
£10 426 Stephen Arrundale
£10 628 Geoff Feint
£10 624 Tom Smith
£10 117 Derek Malcolm
Case of Strongarm Beer 704 Ken Stringer
Case of Strongarm Beer 298 Adam Waller
Case of Strongarm Beer 268 Ron Harnish
Case of Strongarm Beer 351 Ron Harnish

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the draw and to our generous lottery partners The Anchor Tap Room + Bottle Shop.

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Thank you to the team at Camerons Brewery and The Anchor Tap Room + Bottle Shop for their four cases of Strongarm donated for this draw. Pools and Camerons Brewery have a long history of collaboration and HUST would like to thank them for their generous support.

Find out all you need to know on their Facebook page here, and you can give them a Twitter follow @AnchorTapBottle.

Want to get Camerons beers directly to your door? Easy to do directly on their official website.