To all Poolies, 

A brief message mainly to say some thank yous, although we have to start with Askey. It’s not a stretch to say that all Pools fans want an end to the managerial turmoil and we had high hopes that John would bring stability. The manner of defeats made his departure inevitable but he seems a decent man, dealt a bad hand by previous recruitment and injuries. We wish him the very best for the future. 

From HUST’s perspective, it’s been a busy year, getting people to the ground through our Community Tickets Fund, linking with local groups, supporting events and fundraising… and that’s before the events of the last two months. 

We won’t repeat here what we’ve said previously about a potential consortium but regardless of the challenges still to overcome, we are excited about the possibilities ahead. It’s been a pretty bad year from a footballing perspective and there isn’t a quick fix in the New Year but better times are possible if we stick together. As fans the best thing we can do is continue to get behind the team, continue to show the passion for which the Club is famous and help the team pull off the results we need to finish the season comfortably in the league. 

As a Club we are best when we are united. Every group associated with the Club offers enthusiasm, commitment and practical help, which should be celebrated. HUST are no different and are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to help secure the future of the Club. We are grateful to all the people who have contacted us offering support and kind words, whether they are members or otherwise. Instinctively, every fan knows that we need to stick together in hard times – we’re seeing evidence of that right now, so a particular thank you to anyone who has given us the benefit of the doubt where previously they might have been unsure about HUST. 

Thank you also to all our members, who have bought into the idea that fans should be central to our Club’s identity. Every one of you is doing your part to support a better future, whether you’ve been a member for years or one of the hundred or so who have joined in the last month. 

We wish every Poolie a happy, prosperous New Year, full of good health and if it’s not too much to hope for, three points on a Saturday! NSD. 

The Board of HUST