• 1908 Hartlepools United formed, representing the boroughs of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool.
  • 1916 Zeppelin bombs Victoria Ground, destroying the main stand. Despite the German government’s refusal to pay compensation, a temporary wooden stand is erected a year later.
  • 1928 Player complaints about training in winter are rebuffed by manager Bill Norman, who rolls naked in the snow.
  • 1957 Pools come back to level from 3-0 down to the Busby Babes in the FA Cup in front of 17,426, but lose 4-3. Busby describes it as “the most exciting match I’ve ever watched”.
  • 1965 Brian Clough appointed. Two years later, team built, Clough and assistant Peter Taylor head for Derby.
  • 1968 Promoted in third. Name changes to Hartlepool AFC.
  • 1977 After nine years of fans ignoring the change, “United” is reinstated but, stubbornly, not the missing “s”.
  • 1984 Cunning use of glossy brochure helps secure record-busting 14th re-election
  • 1985 The temporary wooden stand is demolished after a mere 68 years.
  • 1991 Promoted in third. Manager Cyril Knowles tragically misses the end of the season due to a terminal illness.
  • 1992 Goalless for 1,227 minutes, a record.
  • 2002 Chris Turner’s team lose in play-offs.
  • 2003 Promoted in second place. Best ever try, but still no silverware. Again the man who built the team isn’t there.
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