This week we find John filling his column with quotes from @Hangus99, the Heed Army website, and the Nottingham Post – yes, he’s having another dig at the oldest football club in the ‘whole wide world’ again. But he also manages to give our very own Mr Maguire a lesson in football economics with this quote from Jock Stein – “Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing. Sometimes we are inclined to forget that. The only chance of bringing them into stadiums is if they are entertained by what happens on the football field.” Actually John – and definitely Jock – might have a point!Read More →

This week John concludes his review of the career of Keith Houchen with tales of Pools being wound up and someone telling the playing squad, “You lot are the lowest of the low. You can’t get any further down than this poxy little club”. He’s clearly back on the drink as he also argues that the days of twenty consecutive games without a win weren’t all that bad! John also has suggestions for Father’s Day and Summer holiday clothing and reading materials – and all in support of HUST!Read More →

This week John continues with his Summer Quiz and provides some further highlights from the career of Keith Houchen. And how about this for a back-handed compliment? On 22 March 1984, York City manager Denis Smith signed him for a £15,000 fee, later saying that “anybody who could score sixty-five goals playing for Hartlepool must have something”. Read More →

This week John quickly passes over the retained list, Eurovision and the goings on surrounding Coventry City and the Ricoh Stadium, and focuses on his Summer Quiz. He seems to get carried away about one former player – someone whose nephew could be useful to the town and the club – shame that his Uncle Keith doesn’t have fond memories of us!Read More →

John has clearly calmed down after his Notts County efforts last week and we see him continuing with his Summer Quiz and talking about a former Pools Centre Forward who tried to teach him Maths – and failed.Read More →

This week John takes a less than sympathetic look at the troubles besetting Notts County FC and, during the course of one of his typical ramblings, he lists a frightening number of clubs which, in his view, are teetering on the edge. He also manages to introduce his HUFC Summer Quiz and somehow manages to engineer his column to include the phrase ‘the Markle Sparkle’: his family must worry about him.
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