John must have been drinking again. Heavily. How else could he link a 1979 TV comedy to one of the greatest Friday nights in Hartlepool history? And he even manages to squeeze in a reference to Wayne Goldthorpe and a brief mention of Frank Pimblett! The end of the season can’t come soon enough for the ‘old timer’.
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This week John looks at Pools players being sent off and seems to have fond memories of the likes of Gus Di Lella, Tony Skedd and Nathan Luscombe. As usual he manages to make mention of his second love – Morpeth Town – whilst trying to stay faithful to Pools….
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This week John looks at the use of the Sine Die punishment within football – and wonders if its use to could be extended to control agents, unfit directors, and youngsters who might otherwise be enticed away from the clubs which have nurtured them….Read More →

John is clearly back on his medication this week and has mellowed even more. This week we see him agree with an opposition manager (but not his side’s fans) and our very own Raj Singh – and, by a somewhat circuitous route, he compares Denny Ingram to Luca Murphy and marvels at the changing views of Blackburn fans towards their current owners.Read More →

John this week uses the time spent in bars immediately after the Barnet game, and on his journey home, to look at our connections with Wolverhampton Wanderers (which include Gus McLean and Jake Cassidy) and the changing international mix of our squad. He is also surprisingly confident ahead of the visit of Wrexham and his musings also take in North Ferriby, Gateshead and Peckham, with special mentions for Kevin Dixon, Cecil Hardy, Luca Murphy, Ryan Catterick and Dan Jones.Read More →

This week John again returns to the Swansea 16 and makes a suggestion for Mark Maguire to consider. In fact he makes a number of polite suggestions for Mark Maguire to consider.
Against a background of positive developments at Blackpool and, possibly, Bolton Wanderers, John is very downbeat in his views on the future of Gateshead and uses these examples, and developments at Rochdale and Grimsby, to again emphasise the importance of our Supporters Trust.
He is also rude, again, about certain HUST Board members and, if this continues, his weekly article may be cancelled (along with his membership).
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