In his final Terrace Thoughts John shares some personal memories of some of the Legends who will be facing a mighty HUST team on Sunday at Seaton Carew – and, after a year of wittering, John manages to avoid any mention of Wayne Goldthorpe, Morpeth Town FC (despite their signing of a new dead ball specialist) or Bury FC. He does manage to throw in a quick reference to the World’s Oldest Club, refers to Ronnie Harnish and his lycra fetish, and manages to include another story about the marvellous Neale Cooper. Hopefully John signs off with a ‘better than tripe’ offering and he steadfastly avoids shouting at any clouds.

Pip Pip to the old’un.

In his penultimate Terrace Thoughts John looks ahead to the Legends’ match next Sunday and focuses on the immense contribution to the history of Hartlepool United made by Micky Barron. He makes no comments about Bury, our poor points tally for September and successfully avoids any conversations with the clouds.

This week John manages only a passing mention of Bury FC and instead is worrying again about the future of Hartlepool United – he really is a pessimist at times – although he’d argue that he is a realist! The sooner we find a new contributor the better!

A clearly unwell John this week makes complimentary comments about Steve Gibson. And then goes back to Bury………..

This week John has a strange way of looking forward to the Daggers game – but then he has always been weird! Anyway, he really does appear to be softening in his views of the likes of bury and Locomotive Darlington.

This week John gets a bit provocative about the need for change within the game and, to be brutal, why a club needs to fail to garner the necessary changes! And why it needs to be a big club. He doesn’t mention Manchester United, but we know what he’s thinking.