I’m not sure that I want to go again, said Mrs A on the way back from that appalling episode last Saturday.

This is a sentiment that I’ve heard from several folk since the Dover debacle.

Much has been said about what went on – much of it I agree with, some of it made me want to retch – and an observation from a Darlington based commentator to the effect of ‘what do you expect, Hartlepool is a racist town’ defies belief.

So I’m keeping my thoughts on the incident to myself.

What does concern me is its potential impact on the future of Pools.

We aren’t performing well enough to attract new punters; the bad weather is on its way and that will impact on gates; and episodes like last week will result in some folk not returning and parents questioning if it is right to take their little darlings to such a potentially toxic arena. What all of this will do to the club’s revenue streams can only be negative.

What will the authorities do? Well, whatever, it won’t be positive. In all probability any punishment will lead to a further drain on our limited resources.

I also wonder about the potential loss of revenue as the number of visiting fans may be affected. “I’m not going there, it’s horrible”.

And then we have the impact of these events on the aspirations of the owner. What must he have thought about those folk who wouldn’t have had a match to attend had it not been for him?

This could all lead to a perfect storm – the club deteriorating at a pace and the owner’s patience being shorter than it otherwise would have been. We can all guess what could happen next.

And will there be any sympathy for our little club across the country? Will fans of other clubs try to help us out if we need it? Doubt it.

Looking at what has happened at Bury I very much believe that we are now in the last chance saloon. And as I’ve said before, once we have one club disappearing it will become ‘easier’ for the likes of banks and HMRC to close others down.

Anyway, if we are not successful on the pitch it can only be a matter of time before our saviour’s wallet is closed. That is a financial reality, not a dig at anyone.

As I said last week, we are the lucky ones – so thanks again Raj – and, again, thanks to the boys and girls of HUST – the Plan B which we hope that we’ll never need! But, the way things are panning out we may just need that Plan B sooner than we think.

Eastleigh? After the last two home games I simply do not have the appetite for the trip – so we’ll no doubt win – handsomely! Anyway, I’m giving it a miss and will wait for the match against Yeovil for a return to the delights of watching Pools. I’ll get my footballing fix at Morpeth tomorrow – Stafford Rangers being their next victims!

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Pip Pippity Pip Pip


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  1. As a right on fan at 72 and a Poolie to I die I do agree with some of these comments. BUT one must stay focussed not too negative!! For a number of years Brighton had very bad management and awful chairman selling the ground . Brighton were homeless going who knows where? But after having home games at Gillingham they came home. What has gone on at Pools last week was awful and very bad for the club BUT we must all pull together and look forward not backwards .

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