It may have been the close season, but things have been far from quiet for the Trust board.

With membership increasing all the time, our Membership Secretary is busy keeping everyone safe in the knowledge they have joined successfully.

The Social Media team are trying to keep ahead of the game with a new all singing, all dancing website, which will hopefully be up and running asap!

A Former Players Association is now definitely on the agenda with Board members busy setting this up and compiling a database ready to hit the ground running.

A good relationship has been established with the Club, and as you will all no doubt have read, fan ownership is on the agenda for the current Chair.  To this end, Supporters Direct are regularly in contact with the Trust board with meetings taking place between HUST, the Club, SD and Nick Igoe, to plan the best way forward and it has been agreed by all that the end of year audit take place at the Club before the next step is taken, in order for a full and open appraisal to be able to be made.  We hope to have more information for you all at our AGM which should be sometime in October/November.

Lots of contacts are being made behind the scenes to help keep the Trust working towards the goal of having a say in the way the Club can be and remain a part of our community.

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