In response to the large volume of people we have had contacting us wanting to make donations to a Trust Fighting Fund, and in light of today’s comments in the press from a potential investor, we have taken the decision to implement our Contingency Plan.

Anyone wanting to donate via card payment can now do so here :

On the site we have published a clear guide as to what the money can and cannot be used for, along with a page for Frequently Asked Questions. Essentially the money will sit in a secure ring fenced bank account until it is needed.

There will be page set up on our own website within the next 24 hours for anyone wishing to donate directly via bank transfer or cheque.

We have been told that the club are still in talks with at least one interested party, and while they are hopeful of selling the club, there are no guarantees this will happen given the current financial situation.

For that reason we felt we needed to continue building the Fighting Fund, to protect us against all eventualities, which would include becoming a partner with potential investors.

We will be making a further statement tomorrow.

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