Just a brief update with where we are at present. As promised last week we have set up a meeting with Pam Duxbury to raise some issues on behalf of our members. This is scheduled for this Saturday. We have also contacted John Blackledge and asked for comments after his meeting with potential investors in London today. We will publish our feedback over the weekend.

Nick Igoe has said his report for the Trust Board should be ready by the middle of next week following his review of the club books. He plans to brief us on his findings on Thursday 1 March. Much of the report will be covered by the Non- Disclosure Agreement we signed with the club, but we should hopefully be able to provide members with a summary of our thoughts at the back end of next week.

You may recall last weekend we published a summary of the NL Rulebook in relation to clubs entering into Administration during the course of the season. A few people have contacted us asking if there is still a Rescue Plan in place should the club enter Administration, and the short answer is that there is. Again unfortunately due to us having a Confidentiality Agreement in place with the Council we cannot go into great detail, but we believe it is viable and would result in the club being able to continue as Hartlepool United, subject to the potential sanctions from the League that we mentioned in that statement.

As it stands we can see little merit for Mr Blackledge in liquidating the club, though of course the Trust Board must still plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

Finally can we just remind people that every game and every point is vital, so we would again ask that you get behind the team and the Caretaker Manager on Saturday . The support from the fans last Saturday was fantastic- more of the same please.


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