Following the Board Meeting of the Hartlepool United Supporters Trust (HUST) on 29th June it was felt that a further statement should be made to members regarding the donation of £500 to the Prostrate Cancer charity.

As explained by the HUST Chairman in his previous statement on the Trust FB Page, the decision to make the donation was one made by the Board in light of the appropriateness of the charity concerned, and the fact that the HUST Honorary President, Jeff Stelling, was undertaking a walk in aid of that charity, to various football grounds which included Victoria Park.

We also felt that the publicity generated in both the local and national media would raise the profile of HUST, and boost membership, something the backing of Jeff has already achieved. Some members have questioned us making of a donation at a time when HUST is primarily seeking to raise funds in order to purchase shares in the football club.

Whilst it was explained that the donation came from the profits made from selling merchandise, and not from membership fees, nevertheless the Board has taken note of the views expressed. It is unfortunate that what was intended to be a positive story met with ill-advised and badly timed comment on some social media outlets However I can assure members that in future the Board will seek to canvass a wider opinion should it contemplate making further charitable donations.

John Cooke – HUST Vice Chair

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