By now no doubt most of you will have heard the news reports that Chris Musgrave is in talks with the football club and that a takeover deal could be reached in the early part of next week. While we are naturally excited at the prospect of a buyer having been found, we are also mindful of the fact that these are news reports only, and that they have not been confirmed by the club. Until such a time as they are, we will treat them with caution.
Our Trust Fundraising Appeal, is ready to be launched, and we will make a further announcement early next week. As it stands we have to keep an open mind and be prepared for all possible outcomes.
Although the campaign is ready to go, as we have repeatedly stated, the advice we were given by Supporters Direct was not to ask for money until we felt it was absolutely necessary. We are mindful of the fact that cash is tight at this time of year in particular, and that most people will have already have donated to the two excellent campaigns that have been running this week and last.
We would finally encourage everyone going to the game tomorrow to support the team and make as much noise as possible given the media attention the game will be getting. Hopefully it will be a similar atmosphere as the Doncaster game at the end of last season, and the players will deliver a much needed 3 points.

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