An ongoing campaign to make sure that everybody feels welcome at the Vic took another step forward on Tuesday as HUST President, Julia Newton, was joined by representatives of the North East Autism Society, HUSA, HUDSA, and the club, to launch a host of activities aimed at supporting Autism Acceptance Week and forward through the next month.

Her Game Too was launched less than a year ago to initially raise awareness of sexism in football. Since then 55 professional clubs, and many more grassroots outfits, have signed up and the group have become more ambitious.
HUST have spoken to Eve Ralph, a Bristol city fan and one of the group’s founders, and Jill Simmonds who sits in the Cyril Knowles and recently became Pools’ ambassador for Her Game Too, about the movement and how the club can get involved.

To celebrate our youngest HUST members, for the next few months we’re holding a special draw following our monthly lottery draw, with a prize going to a lucky u16 member. Find out the first winner here.

Congratulations to all of the March HUST monthly draw winners, drawn on Facebook Live on Friday 25th of March at 18:00. Find out if you’re one of the lucky few here.

As part of our on-going commitment to celebrating and promoting diversity at Hartlepool United, HUST are launching a new community ticket initiative, kicking off in April to tie in with Autism Awareness Month!