I know that you couldn’t wait until Friday to find out what happened on Saturday evening (after the Daggers Debacle) with regard to ‘take-awaygate’………….. ‘What was consumed and is Aldi two-ply of any use?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’ll get around to these two questions at some stage. InRead More →

November Jackpot winner Keith Macdonald receives his prize from Ron Harnish £300 – 280 Keith Macdonald £100 – 319 Steve Bell   £10 plus £160 goal scorer gamble – 574 Stephen Wiles £10 – 308 Phil Holbrook £10 – 375 Mick Lamerton £10 – 586 Emma King £10 – 701Read More →

I was at Catterick Races last Friday – the first day of the 2018/19 ‘Jumps’ season and a decent return of two winners on a seven race card – sufficient to fund the ‘take-away’ on the way home (and I’ll return to the subject of take-aways later). Anyway I mentionRead More →

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. “How do you watch that every week?” was a question posed by many friends of the Ashton household who, for whatever reason, ‘enjoyed’ the Barnet debacle via the powers of television. As I said to Mrs A, “I bet that’s the first time thatRead More →

Have we all booked our hair appointments ahead of Sunday’s televised clash with Barnet? I’ve waited months to use that pun. And was told not to…. In recent weeks I’ve been focussing on recent events at Bolton Wanderers and, outside of some references to the ‘glory days’ at Pools (commentsRead More →