The Open Day seems to have been another great success and the reaction to the new strip has been as varied as you’d expect – personally I prefer blue and white stripes, even though we played in plain blue shirts when I first started visiting Fortress Vic. It might be like the ‘Tesco Bag’ shirt – hated it at first but went on the love it! Anyway, the excitement mounts as we approach ‘kick off’.

On the subject of strips there is a great photo from Paul Andrew Goad that he posted on the HUST Facebook page on 15th July. Amazing photo – I’d forgotten the Thunderbird strip! But is Paul Andrew related to Alan Goad who played for us on 448 occasions between 1967 and 1978? An awesome defender who went on to run the Square Ring.

Image by Paul Andrew Goad

Some goods new from yesterday (18 July) – A rescue plan has been agreed for newly promoted League One club Bury FC. The club was facing a winding-up order after it failed to pay a major tax bill. According to ‘’, “The club will start the season with a 12-point deduction but the people behind the deal say it will ensure the future of the club”.

In April Bury’s owner Steve Dale said he was looking to sell the troubled club just five months after taking control at Gigg Lane, two weeks before a crucial court hearing involving a winding up order that had been issued. But yesterday the creditors and shareholders of Bury approved a rescue plan, backing a company voluntary arrangement at a special meeting.

Under the terms of the agreement, the club’s unsecured creditors will receive 25p in the pound and football creditors will be paid in full.

Steven Wiseglass, a director at Inquesta Corporate Recovery & Insolvency, who was the nominee for the CVA will now be its supervisor. He said: “I am delighted that the CVA has been approved by creditors and shareholders following extensive negotiations involving a number of parties. The agreement means the club avoids going into administration or liquidation, and it provides a degree of financial certainty in that its historic debts will be dealt with. Hopefully Bury FC can now look forward to a brighter future.”

Fans’ group Forever Bury say they support any plan intended to improve the club’s situation. “Over the last few months Forever Bury has been offering their assistance to anyone willing to try and find a favourable outcome to Bury Football Club’s current difficulties,” a Forever Bury statement read.

“Sadly over the period, owner and club chairman Mr Steven Dale has not been able to offer any answers to pertinent questions. This has obviously caused much frustration amongst many supporters, who Mr Dale now blames for his continued silence. Mr Dale has told supporters on numerous occasions that he will save the Football Club. Considering the imminent start of the new season, maybe now is the time to clear the air and for Mr Dale to provide the answers all are waiting to hear. Forever Bury are fully supportive of Mr Dale, or anyone else, in their efforts to save Bury Football Club. Up to present, Forever Bury has been reluctant at making statements regarding the sale of the club, in order to facilitate a smooth transition. However, we now believe the stage has been reached where simple comment is unlikely to have any detrimental effect on any pending deal. Therefore, Forever Bury and the supporters of Bury Football Club, Mr Dale’s paying customers, believe now is the time they deserve comment. “

Good news – but isn’t it strange how just six months ago Mr Dale was being lauded as a hero, saviour and all-round good guy? From hero to zero – and it isn’t the first time that has happened in the crazy world of football.

So moving quickly on, without making any further comment, the answers to last week’s Summer Quiz questions are:

46. Who was the first manager of Hartlepools United?

Fred Priest – between 1908 and 1912

47. Who was the first chairman of Hartlepools United?

Bill Paterson – between 1908 and 1914

48. Who was the first chairman of Hartlepool United Supporters’ Trust?

Ronnie Harnish – just about everyone knows Ronnie through his fund raising efforts for various good causes, his work at The Corner Flag, and his continuing involvement with HUST – what some folk may not know is that he is a member of The Kylie Minogue Fan Club, an enthusiastic grower of delphiniums, and (as shown by his haircut) was an original member of Showaddywaddy.

49. Who is the current chairman of Hartlepool United Supporters’ Trust?

Richard Ward – took over as Chairman in 2018, a life-long Pools supporter, Richard proudly owns a ship to shore radio and mast, thereby allowing him to speak to his Vice Chair, John ‘Pugwash’ Cooke, during John’s frequent exotic cruises. Richard, like John and Ronnie, should be applauded for their efforts – on our behalf – towards ensuring a future for professional football in Hartlepool.

50. Who won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2018 and have been providing amazing services to folk with disabilities since 2001?

Hartlepool United Disabled Supporters’ Association (HUDSA)

Formed back in 2001, HUDSA has gone from strength to strength since then, now boasting over 150 members. Its aim is to give a voice to people with disabilities and to help those people access a greater matchday experience both at home and away. Since their inception they have worked closely with the Club on many disability issues as well as social issues and continue to have direct dialogue with the hierarchy at Victoria Park. HUDSA host a weekly disco at Hartlepool Catholic Club on Marlowe Road, every Wednesday between 6pm and 8.30 at which all are welcome.

They also have two adapted caravans which are used for respite care, short breaks and holidays – the caravans are based at Primrose Valley and Lakeland near to Grange over Sands and rental can be arranged using the contact details below. In June 2018 it was announced that HUDSA had been given the prestigious Queen’s Award for voluntary service, in light of their work with some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Neil Appleyard and Darren Hutchinson from the Association were invited to a special garden party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the award which is testament to their incredible efforts over the years. Neil and Darren are true heroes and HUDSA is one of the many reasons that one can feel proud to be a Poolie.

And next five questions are as follows:

51. When did Pools last play Bury?

52. When did Pools last play Macclesfield Town?

53. When did Pools last play Bolton Wanderers?

54. When did Pools last play Southend United?

55. What have Bury, Macclesfield, Bolton and Southend got in common with Notts County?

And to my final (not so) quick points:

a. John’s football website of the week – – it simply has to be, again, the twitter account of our current hero.

b. Financial Crisis of the week – perhaps there isn’t one – according to the fragrant Teresa at PMQs on 17 July -“overall, football is financially in a better position than it’s ever been”.  Overall! Balderdash! As long as Manure are OK and Sky are showing ‘top level’ football, all is OK! What a load of……………………..

You can see more on this at where Richard Ward has started a lively conversation on this very matter. Well done Richard.

A group of Macclesfield Town players claim that the club’s failure to pay their wages has seen their mental well-being ‘deeply affected’ and some of them facing eviction from their homes. Six unnamed Silkmen players, who played a part in the League Two club’s miraculous Football League survival last season under manager Sol Campbell, added their claim for unpaid wages to a winding-up order against the club that has been adjourned until August 14. The beleaguered Silkmen settled a tax bill with HM Revenue & Customs in late June but were in court this month for a third time in three months after Egerton Youth Club, where Macclesfield used to train, took over the petition after claiming they were owed £20,000.

And Bolton Wanderers ….who have featured far too often in Terrace Thoughts have been forced to cancel a friendly against Chester City because the (very few) players that they have, have gone on strike – again – and understandably! Debts of over £25m, no squad and no owners. They’re doomed.

c. Notts County Watch: well, despite what Teresa thinks, the oldest club in the World featured in Wednesday’s PMQs too! And they are scheduled to return to Court on 31 July.

d. Gateshead comment of the week: Respect to the Soul – they are building a squad and setting up an infrastructure. Good luck to them.

e. The fans suffer again – for the fourth week on the trot it has to be the Barcodes. Steve Bruce! Says it all really.

f. So which groups of fans will suffer next? Ownafc. It must be doomed as the story was picked up by The Daily Telegraph this week – reporting what we all knew months ago. Mind, if you were daft enough to fall for this lot, then…………

In Raj we trust. Well, we have to. Don’t we?

Pip Pip


You can catch up on John’s thoughts from last week here.

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