The HUST Board of Directors are pleased with the outcomes of discussions held this week between The Bunker and HUFC 1908 message boards. Likewise the Trust discussion with the Hartlepool United Supporters Group Page. We hope it shows that constructive dialogue between fans can highlight common ground, and that matters have moved forward in a positive manner.

We do feel we must emphasise The Bunker Message Board and HUST are two completely separate and very different organisations, just as the Friends Group and the HUFC 1908 Message Board are two separate organisations, though of course individuals may be members of more than one.

As a Board HUST would also like to make clear that we cannot respond to all social media outlets, particularly those we have no control over. It simply is not possible for an organisation such as ours to monitor all forms of social media. We can of course be contacted via our website, our Official Facebook Page or via our official Twitter page, and we would encourage anyone who wants to know more about the Trust, or who has issues that they would like to raise, to contact us via these channels.

We did hold a successful Meet The Board Event earlier in October which was attended by members and non members alike, and following the AGM we will look to hold a similar event in the New Year which will again be open to all.

In addition to that, and in response to feedback from our members, all HUST Board Members will be asked to sign our new Social Media Policy over the course of the next week. Once this exercise is completed, said Social Media Policy will be available to view on the HUST website. We anticipate publishing this no later than the 5th November

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