Mark Goodman, a stalwart of the board for the past few years, is stepping down with immediate effect due to work commitments. He dropped us a line earlier this week explaining that a new job, with more extensive travelling, has limited the time he can give to the role. Read More →

Congratulations to the winners of the March 2021 monthly lottery which was drawn at Richard Ward’s house on 26th March 2021 at 19:00. Back next month for another draw – see you then.Read More →

Former Chairman, saviour of the club, and lifelong Hartlepool United fan Harold Hornsey passed away 17 years ago today. For those who were around in 1994, we’ll always remember what he did for the club he was so passionate about. For newer and older fans alike we revisit his legacy here. The words were first published the day after his death and written by the fan only known as Albatross for the Box of Kippers website, and remain as relevant today as then. Read More →

HUST would firstly like to thank Mr Singh for answering supporters questions on BBC Radio Tees last night. As staunch supporters of the football club we firmly believe that regular communication with supporters is hugely important.Read More →